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تغيير لغة الموقع 


  Annual Report2013
  Starategic Plan 2010
  Strategic Plan-Implementation Matrix for the Years 2013-2014
  Guidlines for heads and members of local government units2012
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Minister of Local Goverment

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Date of Birth: 22/06/1950

Nationality: Palestininan

Martial status: married
Nablus, Palestine




Have a PhD degree in Political Science, Major: International Politics
Experienced in Palestinian and European affairs.


B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration,
University of Jordan, Amman, 1972.

M.A. in Political Science,
North Eastern Illinois University, Chicago, U.S.A. 1977.

Ph.D. in Peace Studies,
School of Peace Studies, Bradford University, U.K., 1986.


Lecturer, Department of Political Science,
Al-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine, 1979-2004.

Chairman, Department of Political Science,
Al-Najah National University, 1991-1992.

Vice President, Cultural Affairs and University Relations,
Al-Najah National University, 1992-1994.

Lecturer, M.A. Program: International Studies,
Bir-Ziet University, Ramallah, 1997-1998. (Part Time)

Co-Director, M.A. Program: Political Planning and Development,
Al-Najah National University, 1999-2001; 2002-2004.

Palestine Project Director, Building Capacity in Teaching Palestinian Contemporary
Political History: a Collaborative Project between Al-Najah, Beirut and Oxford University.


-Chairman, the staff Union, Al-Najah University, 1992-1993.
-Chairman, Al-Amiriyaa Housing Society, AL-Najah University, 1996-2003


-The EC and the International Peace Conference on the Middle East, PASSIA,
May 1989.

-The EC and the Occupied Territories, Al-Quds Newspaper, 20 Nov 1986.
-British Ambiguity, the Jerusalem Times (Biladi), Aug. 1996.
-The Institutions of the European Union, PASSIA Seminar on the European
Union, Jerusalem, March 1996.

-The Treaty of Maastricht: Its Meaning and Implications, PASSIA Seminar
On the European Union, Jerusalem, March 1996.

-The Problem of Democracy in the Palestinian Governmental System During
The Interim Phase, Al-Najah National University, May 1997.

-Regional Dimensions of Intra-Inter State Conflict : A Comparative Study,
Department of Peace and Conflict Resolution, Uppsala University, Sweden,
May 1999.

-The Syrian-Israeli Peace Negotiations, Palestinian Center for Research
And Studies, Nablus, May 2000.

-The Political Process with Israel and its Implications on Palestinian Political
Reform, Conference on Political Reform in Palestine, Al-Najah National
University, Nablus, Oct. 2003.


1993: Participant - International Program on Decision Making in U.S. Foreign
Policy, Al Malti-Regional Group Project Sponsored by USID, and Administered by
Meridian International Center, Washington D.C, U.S.A. (June 21- July 16)

1993: Study visit, DAAD grant for research travel, Germany. (Aug 5-Sep 30)

1993: Lecturer - Seminar on the European Community, PASSIA, Jerusalem.
(Nov 29-Dec 3)

1994: Participant - Conference on Euro-Palestinian Relations, Reims University,
France. (Feb. 25-26)

1994: Participant - Conference on Mediterranean Universities Network,
Med Campus, Rome, Italy. (April 17-24)

1994: Participant - Conference on Women`s Place in public Services and
Decision Making Process, Jerusalem. (Oct)

1995: Lecturer - Seminar on the European Union, PASSIA, Jerusalem. (Oct 10-17)

1997: Participant - Conference on the Euro-Arab Meetings, Al-Najah National
University, Nablus, Palestine. (May 17)
1999: Participant - Advanced Program in Conflict Resolution, Department of Peace and
Conflict Resolution, Uppsala University, Sweden. (Apri1 19 – May 28)

1999: Participant - Conference on Palestine at the Crossroads: Perspectives of Citizenship
and Prospects of Identity, Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine .( June 21-23 )

2000: Participant - Conference on Peace and Transition in the Euro-Mediterranean
Partnership Area, PASSIA, Ramallah. (Jan 24-25)

2000: Participant - Seminar on the Syrian-Israeli negotiations, PRSC, Nablus. (May)

2002: Participant - International Workshop on Social and Economic Sustainable
Integration in the Middle East and the Role of the European Union, European
School of Advanced Studies in Cooperation and Development, CICOPS,
University of Pavia, Italy. (June 14-15)

2003: Participant - Conference on Political Reform in Palestine, Al-Najah National
University, Nablus. (Oct. 16)
2007: Participant - Seminar on Requirements for Building a Democratic Palestinian Society,
Hawa Center, Nablus. (April 3)

2007: Participant - Seminar on Israel after 59 Years: Between Dreams and Reality, “The
Dream of a State”
2010: Participant - Workshop on Teaching Contemporary Palestinian Political History,
University of Oxford, UK, (27-28, Nov.2010).

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