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Al Koni: We seek to achieve roles integration between local government units and both public and private sectors


This came during his participation with state of Prime Minister, Dr. Rami Hamdullah on upgrading Kofr Dan Village Council into a municipality, in the presence of Jenin Governor, General Talal Dweikat, Director General of Projects, Mohi Al Din Al A'arda, Director General of Jenin Local Governance, Raed Moqbel, Kofr Dan Mayor, Bilal Mer'i, members of Municpal Council, some security sector leaders and heads of some local government units in Jenin.

Dr. Al Koni emphasized that this decision was taken as a result of head, members and technical staff act of achieving all legal, administrative, technical and logistic procedures required for upgrading this project. He also added that this project based on studied plans and goals shall form professional and effective guarantee for the current municipality, capable of providing best services for citizens of Kofr Dan, and to become a partner on local government system based on rational decision, in accompanied with effective community participation.

Moreover, he reassured that government policy is represented on dealing with local government units, through supporting them, rewarding committed local units for paying all financial dues to the central government, and providing all forms of technical and logistic support, which will directly impact its classification. He also addressed all families in Kofr Dan and thanked them for their commitment on paying financial dues to the Village Council which was committed in return on paying all dues and completing all requirements needed for upgrading it into municipality, while hoping to continue working on this way of mutual cooperation.

At the end, Dr. Al Koni has participatedwith State of Prime Minister, Dr. Rami Hamdullah in the initiation of the mainroad surfacing project, while Prime Minister has announced the funding ofPublic Services Center with an amount of ( 150) thousand Dollars, in additionto surfacing of internal roads with an amount of ( 160) thousand dollars byIslamic Development Bank.

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